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Delavan Civil War Days
Delavan Civil War Days
The Official Website of the
MAY 30 & 31, 2015
MAY 30 & 31, 2015
Hosted by the Delavan Community Historical Society, and The 9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
Copyright 2012-2013
Delavan Civil War Days
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May 7th, 2014 - The Delavan Civil Way Days Committee, the Delavan Historical Society, and the City
of Delavan would like to say Thank You to its Sponsors, Donors and Supporters for making our 2014
event a huge success.  Additionally we would like to Thank all the reenactor's who participated in the
event.  We had reenactor's attend from 8 states.  Planning has already begun for the 2015 event.  
Due to a conflict with the current weekend there will be a slight date change.  The event weekend will
likely be held the last full weekend in May, the weekend
after Memorial Day.  The 150th anniversary
of President Lincoln's Funeral takes place on the first weekend of May in 2015 and we will be in
Springfield Supporting the event.  

We have already begun planning our 2015 event.  We plan to make it our biggest year yet, with lots
of new addition, all new battles from 1865 including the surrender at Appomatox.  Our website will be
updated upon confirmation of speakers, demonstrators, dates, battle, etc.  We hope everyone enjoy
the 2014 event.  2015 is sure to be something special.
"Kingdom Coming - Year of Jubilo"
as Performed on "Hardtack and Coffee"

All Music for Delavan's Civil War Days
is Provided by the
33rd Illinois Volunteer Band
"Surrender at Appomattox"
Including battles from 1865
Hosted by the Delavan Community Historical Society, and The 9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
Delavan, Illinois
Delavan. Illinois

In between battles there are several demonstrations to view, historical figures to meet, camps,
and Sutlers to see.  There is a candy cannon and scavenger hunt for children to partake in to
win a prize.  There will be a ladies tea and fashion show, live medical and embalming
demonstrations as well as many other activities to discover.  Meet President Lincoln, General
Grant, General Lee and more!  Watch the Marshall take down a Scoundrel.  Dance in a Victorian
style ball (no outfit needed).  See the information page to find out more.  

Thanks to our
Sponsors, This event is free for all ages!

Sept 12th, 2014 - The Delavan Civil Way Days is happy to announce that next years event will be
held officially on May 30 and 31, 2015.  This Date was chosen due to a conflict with the first weekend
of May.  

This years battles will feature events of 1865 including a recreation of the surrender of C.S. General
Lee at Appomattox.   The surrender will be first person with look alike reenactors portraying General
Grant and General Lee signing an official surrender ending the war as they knew it.
If you are interested in becoming a reenactor or want to try reenacting check out our unit host,
The 9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, Co. B.  They are based out of Central Illinois and do not require equipment or
experience to try it out.  
**Must be at leat 14 years old to carry a firearm and pass a drill test**
Ever wonder what it's like to participate in a reenactment?  Want to feel, smell, see and hear what
it was like to live 150 years ago?