The Delavan Civil War Days is moving to Morton, Illinois.

As most of you know, a couple Key Members of our Event Committee passed away in 2016.  In December of 2016,
the Delavan Historical Society voted to discontinue the event for 2017.   It is our hope that in the near Future we can
continue to host this event for future. The Delavan Civil War Days Committee and the Delavan Historical Society want
to thank the Community, Sponsors, Reenactors, and Patrons for their support.  Without their support this event would
not have been possible for the past 5 years.  

The remaining Committee Members have been working feverishly with the Morton Park District and Morton Tourism
Association to develop and host a new event in 2017 in Morton, Illinois.  We plan to host the event on May 6-7, 2017.  
The location of the event is still being determined as there are several locations and variables to account for. We are
waiting for Final Approval but continue to plan for a 2017 event.  
Final details are still in the works and as soon as we have approval we will post a link to a new website below, on our
social media, and through mass email to Reenacting Leaders and Local Media.

Please Like our Facebook Page.  It will be changed to reflect the New Event in the coming days and Information will
be posted there as it becomes available.